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Partner Letters

Unlimited Possibilities

Dear Partner, Here we are once again at the start of a New Year. I may not know how last year turned out for you, but this I do know. No matter what the enemy did to try stop you, he failed. Here you are with a brand new season of opportunities.

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Disciples Of All The Nations

Dear Partner, As Jesus was preparing to ascend back to heaven after His death and resurrection, He made an astounding statement followed by a very clear instruction we know as The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20,

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He is Faithful

Dear Partner, Earlier this year the Lord gave me a word that we were going to experience a shaking. That there was going to be some major shifts that would seem like attacks, but to hold on because it was a preparation for major growth.

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Access To Grace

Dear Partner, Last month we looked at the power of the abounding Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we could trust Him even in the midst of uncertain times. Sometimes, we can feel like we are struggling through the challenges of life alone.

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Living A Generous Life

Dear Partner, I know that in uncertain times it can be quite a challenge to imagine that there is a way out or even think that things will get better. I felt impressed in my spirit to encourage you, just as Paul reminded his partners in Philippians 4:19

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Break The Cycle Of Doubt

Dear Partner, Janine and I want to keep reminding you how much we love, value and appreciate you and your continued love and support. We are so excited about our future and where the Lord is leading us. And it is awesome to know that we are doing this together.

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